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What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed insurance adjuster who works exclusively for the policyholder. Homeowners or business owners can hire a public adjuster to manage their insurance claim and make sure they are appropriately compensated “indemnified” by their insurance company.

Public adjusters are in the business of consumer protection!

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Doesn't My Insurance Company Send Out an Adjuster? 

Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the damage(s) to your property and make an offer of settlement on your claim. Keep in mind, the company adjuster is working to protect the insurance company’s stake in the game. Having a Public Adjuster levels the playing field and ensures your claim is not underpaid. When an insurance company binds a policy, they essentially place a wager that you will not suffer a loss. In the unfortunate case where you have to file a claim, your insurance company loses their wager. They will then try to minimize their exposure and perform some degree of financial damage control. Without a Public Adjuster, you could end up with an underpaid claim and jeopardize what you are entitled to.

Why should I hire Stowe Public Adjustment?

Stowe Public Adjustment is the most forward-thinking public adjustment firm in the state. We document and prepare your claim in a very systematic and structured manner which results in maximum financial recovery. We are also the most tech advanced public adjustment company, utilizing Matterport 3D camera technology, DJI aerial drone technology, DSLR Photography, and lab material analysis. Put simply, no one presents a claim better than Stowe. Our repair estimates and damage reports are second to none. Our experience adjusting claims is not only confined to the state, but our team has traveled to national disaster areas and worked on a claims task force which helped countless home and business owners get back on their feet.

Should I wait to see what my insurance company offers before calling Stowe?

It is important to hire a Public Adjuster from the offset of your claim if possible. There are so many pitfalls along the way which can result in denial of coverage, partial denial of coverage, or forfeiture of your right to deprecation and supplemental payments. You need a professional to guide you and protect your interest. Your insurance company may ask you to sign a sworn statement in proof of loss or other document which may bind you to their offer of settlement. Asking for help after you let your insurance company unilaterally adjust your claim is like going before the judge and the jury, then asking for your attorney to undo the sentence.

Buying or selling a home- Hire a Realtor

Legal Issues- Hire an Attorney

Tax Issues- Hire an Accountant

Insurance Issues- Hire Stowe Public Adjustment

The knowledge and guidance of a professional is worth its weight in gold. Don’t take on the insurance company alone!

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